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Over the years, I have gained a treasure trove of experience, delivering successful and innovative brand campaigns. Covering a wide spectrum of disciplines, I have worked for agencies of all sizes: problem solving, executing ideas and off course having fun doing so along the way.

With my humble beginnings as a designer, I produced eye-catching packaging for computer- games giants - Eidos. Even creating stunning visuals for titles such as Tomb Raider. Moving swiftly into art directing at Draft FCB, I was able to work with creative teams, shooting campaigns for Saab, GM Motors and Sony.

After that, I headed to Candi London.  It was here, as lead creative, I worked on their Polaroid and Morrisons account. This allowed me the opportunity to create campaigns that were engaging and interactive using social platforms and online video content.

At Saatchi, I was part of the creative team, working on the famous T-mobile Flash Dance campaign. With a close- knit group, I created an award-winning, digital site that allowed audiences to upload and share self memes. This was at a time when the social platforms Facebook, was still in its marketing infancy;  way before popular apps, such as snapchat and instagram, existed

Moving into freelance, I absorbed and learnt plenty more disciplines: incorporating motion graphics, UI/UX and experiential ideation into my arsenal.  From automotive to sport, FMCG to healthcare, I have helped guide projects from concept into real-world, marketing success. Leading creative teams, work closely with brands, to create a shared vision and delivering best-in-class experiences.

...and breathe.